Welcome to Cooper's Crepes!

We here at Cooper's Crepes believe it's our job to tickle your taste buds and bring you great food that is new, fun and sweet. But most importantly, our crepes are made to order hot off our crepe grill and we don't tolerate any skimping on our fillings. (Honestly‚Ķ It just wouldn’t be right.)

Cooper's Crepes is a mobile unit with a fresh look and you can find us roaming around the city. Want to know where we are on any given day? Just take a look at our blog to find out where we'll be. We also have a few locations that we will stop at on a regular basis so check the blog to see when we'll be parked near you.

Want us to come your way? (Yea you do!) No problem. Visit our 'Book Us' page to hire us to come to an event or location (book early as to avoid disappointment). We'll serve up some crepe-y goodness that will make you the hit of the party and make you wish you could hire us to sit in your driveway year-round and serve you on demand. (Your neighbors would love it, too. Go on, do it).

Let’s get down to basics.

We know there are some people out there that have never had the privilege of devouring a warm, sweet and loving crepe and enjoyed the gluttonous delight that it brings.

So what is a Crepe? I'll tell you. It's a really thin pancake that has a less fluffy texture and it comes with fillings instead of toppings. What fillings? They can be just about anything but are usually sinfully sweet things like chocolate nutella spread, fruit, jams, lemony fillings, or even s'more fixings. Are you drooling yet? You should probably wipe that off your keyboard.

We hope this has given you some of the information you were looking for and has also made you a little interested and hungry to try one of Cooper’s Crepes. “Like” us on Facebook and keep up with us on our blog page for the latest news and locations.

We at Cooper's Crepes are looking forward to serving you !


The Management (I’ve always wanted to say that)